Time December 11 (Tuesday) December 12 (Wednesday) December 13 (Thursday)
8:00-8:30 Registration (Foyer) Registration (Foyer) Registration (Foyer)
8:30-9:00 Opening (Leo 1-4)
9:00-10:00 Keynote 1: Xiang-Yang Li (Leo 1-4) Short
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Keynote 2: Manish Parashar (Leo 1-4)
10:00-10:30 Tea Break Tea Break Tea Break
10:30-11:00 Session 1A
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Session 1B
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Session 1C
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Session 1D
5 papers
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Session 4A
5 papers
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Session 4B
5 papers
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Session 1
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Session 6A
5 papers
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Session 6B
5 papers
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Session 6C
5 papers
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12:30-14:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00-14:30 Session 2A
4 papers
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Session 2B
4 papers
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Session 2C
4 papers
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Session 2D
4 papers
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Session 5A
4 papers
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Session 5B
4 papers
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Session 2
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(Leo 4)
Session 7A
4 papers
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Session 7B
4 papers
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15:40-16:00 Tea Break Tea Break Tea Break
16:00-16:30 Session 3A
4 papers
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Session 3B
4 papers
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Session 3C
4 papers
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Session 3D
4 papers
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Panel (Leo 1-4) Session 8A
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Session 8B
4 papers
(Leo 2)
17:00-17:40 Poster/Demo Session
18:30-22:30 Banquet (S.E.A. Aquarium)

11 December 2018 (Tuesday)

Session 1A: Time Saving (Chair: Feng Ling)

Paper 1: Optimizing Deep Learning Frameworks Incrementally to Get Linear Speedup: A Comparison Between IPoIB and RDMA Verbs.

Chang Liu, Jianwen Wei, Yi-Chao Wang, Minhua Wen, Simon See and James Lin

Paper 2: Seal: Efficient Training Large Scale Statistical Machine Translation Models on Spark

Rong Gu, Min Chen, Wenjia Yang, Chunfeng Yuan and Yihua Huang

Paper 3: Parallelizing Machine Learning Optimization Algorithms on Distributed Data-Parallel Platforms with Parameter Server

Rong Gu, Shiqing Fan, Qiu Hu, Chunfeng Yuan and Yihua Huang

Paper 4: Partitioning and Bucketing Techniques to Speed up Query Processing in Spark-SQL

Yassine Ramdane, Omar Boussaid, Nadia Kabachi and Fadila Bentayeb

Paper 5: Toward Fast Regex Pattern Matching using Simple Patterns

Mohammad Hashem Haghighat and Jun Li

Session 1B: Better Memory Usage (Chair: Zhenjiang Li)

Paper 1: Statistical Monitoring for NVM Write

Yijie Mei, Kaixin Huang, Yanmin Zhu and Linpeng Huang

Paper 2: GPGPU Performance Estimation with Core and Memory Frequency Scaling

Qiang Wang and Xiaowen Chu

Paper 3: JSNVM: Supporting Data Persistence in JavaScript using Non-Volatile Memory

Hao Xu, Yuting Chen, Yanming Zhu, Linpeng Huang, Tianyou Li and Pan Deng

Paper 4: Memory Bandwidth Contention: Communication vs Computation Tradeoffs in Supercomputers with Multicore Architectures

Johannes Langguth, Mohammed Sourouri and Xing Cai

Paper 5: An Efficient Segment Grouping Approach for Active Disk-based Storage Systems

Quanqing Xu, Weiya Xi, Khai Leong Yong and Chao Jin

Session 1C: Energy Matters (Chair: Rui Tan)

Paper 1: Phase Space based Energy Consumption Model and Optimization Analysis in Clouds

Meiguang Zheng, Chenglong Chang, Jiao Yang and Yong Tao

Paper 2: Hardware Cost and Energy Consumption Optimization for Safety-Critical Applications on Heterogeneous Distributed Embedded Systems

Wenchao Zou, Renfa Li, Wufei Wu, Guoqi Xie and Lining Zeng

Paper 3: REOH: Using Probabilistic Network for Runtime Energy Optimization of Heterogeneous Systems

Vi Tran, Tommy Oines, Alexander Horsch and Phuong Hoai Ha

Paper 4: Reliability-aware energy optimization for throughput-constrained applications on MPSoC

Changjiang Gou, Anne Benoit, Mingsong Chen, Loris Marchal and Tongquan Wei

Paper 5: TRANSAX: A Blockchain-based Decentralized Forward-Trading Energy Exchange for Transactive Microgrids

Aron Laszka, Scott Eisele, Abhishek Dubey and Gabor Karsai

Session 1D: AI Applications (Chair: Weiwen Zhang)

Paper 1: Leveraging Inner-Connection of Message Sequence for Traffic Classification: A Deep Learning Approach

Renjie Jin, Guangtao Xue, Feng Lyu, Hao Sheng, Gongshen Liu and Minglu Li

Paper 2: Towards Personalized Learning Through Class Contextual Factors-based Exercise Recommendation

Yujia Huo, Jiang Xiao and Lionel M. Ni

Paper 3: O-Recommend: An Optimized User-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation System

Lei Zhang, Xuan Liu, Yidi Cao and Bin Wu

Paper 4: A Heuristic Approach for Website Classification with Mixed Feature Extractors

Muyang Du, Yanni Han and Li Zhao

Paper 5: NDN Producer Mobility Management based on Echo State Network: a Lightweight Machine Learning Approach

Kai Lei, Yu Li, Xuewei Piao and Haijun Zhang

Session 2A: Graph Computing (Chair: Zhidan Liu)

Paper 1: Parallelizing Recursive Backtracking Based Subgraph Matching on a Single Machine

Shixuan Sun and Qiong Luo

Paper 2: Efficient Algorithms for Graph Coloring on the GPU

Nguyen Quang Anh Pham and Rui Fan

Paper 3: Concurrent Hybrid Breadth-First-Search on Distributed PowerGraph for Skewed Graphs

Zengxiang Li, Shen Ren, Sifei Lu, Jiachun Guo, Wentong Cai, Zheng Qin and Rick Siow Mong Goh

Paper 4: GraphEL: A Graph-based Ensemble Learning Method for Distributed Diagnostics and Prognostics in the Industrial Internet of Things

Chongyu Zhou and Chen-Khong Tham

Session 2B: Parallelism (Chair: Bertil Schmidt)

Paper 1: Research on Fast and Parallel Clustering Method for Trajectory data

Ne Wang, Gao Shu and Xiangwen Peng

Paper 2: RCANE: Semi-Centralized Network of Parallel Blockchain and APoS

Toan Nguyen, Ung Park and Geunwoong Ryu

Paper 3: cuBool: Bit-Parallel Boolean Matrix Factorization on CUDA-enabled Accelerators

Robin Kobus, Adrian Lamoth, André Müller, Christian Hundt, Stefan Kramer and Bertil Schmidt

Paper 4: Fine-Grained Task-Level Parallel and Low Power H.264 Decoding for Multi-core Processor Systems

Wenyang Liu, Weichen Liu, Mengquan Li, Peng Chen and Lei Yang

Session 2C: Internet of Things (Chair: Arvind Easwaran)

Paper 1: EdgeCNN: A Hybrid Architecture for Agile Learning of Healthcare Data from IoT Devices

Jian Yu, Bin Fu, Ao Cao, Zhenqian He and Di Wu

Paper 2: Co2-Robot : A Collaborative Communication Protocol for Swarm Robots

Xiong Wang, Linghe Kong, Guihai Chen, Siyu Lin and Haifeng Tang

Paper 3: Estimating the extrema of large-scale RFID systems

Hui Zhong, Xiaojun Zhu, Bing Chen and Shiqing Shen

Paper 4: Accurate Performance Modeling of Uplink Transmission in NB-IoT

Huikang Li, Gonglong Chen, Yihui Wang, Yi Gao and Wei Dong

Session 2D: Fog and Edge Computing (1) (Chair: Jinsong Han)

Paper 1: JALAD: Joint Accuracy- and Latency-Aware Deep Structure Decoupling for Edge-Cloud Execution

Hongshan Li, Chenghao Hu, Jingyan Jiang, Zhi Wang, Yonggang Wen and Wenwu Zhu

Paper 2: Mobility-Aware Video Prefetch Caching and Replacement Strategies in Mobile-Edge Computing Networks

Wei Liu, Yisheng Jiang, Shanjie Xu, Guangyi Cao, Wei Du and Yu Cheng

Paper 3: Privacy-aware Edge Computing in Social Sensing Applications using Ring Signatures

Nathan Vance, Yue Zhang, Yang Zhang and Dong Wang

Paper 4: From Insight to Impact: Building a Sustainable Edge Computing Platform for Smart Homes

Xiaomin Chang, Wei Li, Chunqiu Xia, Jin Ma, Junwei Cao, Samee Khan and Albert Zomaya

Session 3A: Indoor Localization (Chair: Qin Zheng)

Paper 1: The Improved Fingerprint-Based Indoor Localization with RFID/PDR/MM Technologies

Jie Wu, Minghua Zhu, Bo Xiao and Qiu Yunzhou

Paper 2: Passive Acoustic Localization Based on COTS Mobile Devices

Tao Liu, Lei Wang, Xin Zhou and Naigao Jin

Paper 3: An Experimental Study on WeChat-based Large Scale Indoor Localization System

Min Gao, Xiao Zhang, Tao Zhang, Ci Chen, Zhouhong Wang, Zhihao Lu, Weijie Ding and Jiang Ouyang

Paper 4: WiFi-Sensing Based Person-to-Person Distance Estimation Using Deep Learning

Wenping Liu, Yufu Jia, Guoyin Jiang, Hongbo Jiang, Fan Wu and Zhicheng Lv

Session 3B: Better Network Usage (Chair: Feng Ling)

Paper 1: MCPC: Improving In-network Caching by Network Partition

Dongbiao He, Jinlei Jiang, Guangwen Yang and Cedric Westphal

Paper 2: Packet-in-Packet: Concatenation with Concurrent Transmission for Data Collection in Low-power Wireless Sensor Networks

Peilin Zhang, Xiaoyuan Ma, Oliver Theel and Jianming Wei

Paper 3: Resilience Bounds of Sensing-Based Network Clock Synchronization

Rui Tan, Linshan Jiang, Arvind Easwaran and Jothi Prasanna Shanmuga Sundaram

Paper 4: Edge Caching via Content Offloading in Heterogeneous Mobile Opportunistic Networks

Chenyang Wang, Wenkai Li, Ding Li, Mingyang Song, Chen Dong and Xiaofei Wang

Session 3C: QoE (Chair: Weiwen Zhang)

Paper 1: Coalitional Game Based Carpooling Algorithms for Quality of Experience

Jiale Huang, Jigang Wu and Long Chen

Paper 2: Measurement and QoE Modeling of Broadband Home Networks with Large-Scale Crowdsourcing

Jiamei Lv, Yi Gao and Wei Dong

Paper 3: Multi-Tenant Cloud Service Composition using Evolutionary Optimization

Satish Kumar, Rami Bahsoon, Tao Chen, Ke Li and Rajkumar Buyya

Paper 4: TLed: Time-Lived Based Congestion and Rate Control for Video in Named Data Networking

Zhao Zhang, Huadong Ma and Liang Liu

Session 3D: High Performance Computing (1) (Chair: Zhenjiang Li)

Paper 1: Provably Efficient Algorithms for VNF Routing Optimization

Shike Zhang, Xiaofeng Gao, Jiaqi Zheng and Guihai Chen

Paper 2: OCAL: An Abstraction for Host-Code Programming with OpenCL and CUDA

Ari Rasch, Martin Wrodarczyk, Richard Schulze and Sergei Gorlatch

Paper 3: Performance Analysis of 3D XPoint SSDs in Virtualized and non-Virtualized Environments

Jiachen Zhang, Peng Li, Bo Liu, Trent Marbach, Xiaoguang Liu and Gang Wang

Paper 4: Blockchain Based Data Integrity Verification in P2P Cloud Storage

Dongdong Yue, Ruixuan Li, Yan Zhang, Wenlong Tian and Chengyi Peng

12 December 2018 (Wednesday)

Session 4A: Ubiquitous Computing (Chair: Julie McCann)

Paper 1: mm-Humidity: Fine-grained Humidity Sensing with Millimeter Wave Signals

Qinglang Dai, Yongzhi Huang, Lu Wang, Rukhsana Ruby and Kaishun Wu

Paper 2: When Packages Ride a Bus: Towards Efficient City-wide Package Distribution

Geyao Cheng, Deke Guo, Jianmai Shi and Yudong Qin

Paper 3: An Insurance-based Framework Against Security Threat in Mobile Crowdsourcing Systems

Rong Zhao, Linshan Jiang, Kaiyue Zhang and Jin Zhang

Paper 4: Mobility-Driven BLE Transmit-Power Adaptation for Participatory Data Muling

Chung-Kyun Han, Archan Misra and Shih-Fen Cheng

Paper 5: WiFi and Multiple Interfaces: Adequate for Virtual Reality?

Huanle Zhang, Ahmed Elmokashfi and Prasant Mohapatra

Session 4B: High Performance Computing (2) (Chair: Bingsheng He)

Paper 1: Co-Location Resistant Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Data Centers

Amit Agarwal and Duong Ta

Paper 2: Energy-efficient Core Allocation and Deployment for Container-based Virtualization

Ching-Chi Lin, Jian-Jia Chen, Pangfeng Liu and Jan-Jan Wu

Paper 3: How to Buy Cloud Resource Better for IaaS User: From the Perspective of Cloud Elasticity Testing

Jing Liu and Jing Qiao

Paper 4: Virtualized Security Function Placement for Security Service Chaining in Cloud

Hongjing Wu, Yan Zhang, Huiran Yang, Guangxi Yu and Jiuyue Cao

Paper 5: UpPreempt: A Fine-grained Preemptive Scheduling Strategy for Container-based Clusters

Deqian Zou, Shiyou Qian, Guangtao Xue, Jian Cao, Jiadi Yu, Yanmin Zhu, Minglu Li and Wenjuan Li

Session 5A: Dependable Computing (Chair: Weiping Sun)

Paper 1: T-Tracker: Compressing System Audit Log by Taint Tracking

Yongming Ben, Yanni Han, Ning Cai, Wei An and Zhen Xu

Paper 2: Optimal Filter Assignment Policy Against Distributed Denial of Service Attack

Rajorshi Biswas and Jie Wu

Paper 3: Userspace Hyervisor Data Characterization in Virtualized Environment

Bin Wang, Hans Vandierendonck and Georgios Karakonstantis

Paper 4: Query Processing on OpenCL-based FPGAs: Challenges and Opportunities

Johns Paul, Bingsheng He and Chiew Tong Lau

Session 5B: Fog and Edge Computing (2) (Chair: Ta Duong)

Paper 1: Cost-Efficient Resource Provisioning in Delay-Sensitive Cooperative Fog Computing

Shuaibing Lu, Jie Wu, Yubin Duan, Ning Wang and Zhiyi Fang

Paper 2: Dewing in Fog: Incentive-Aware Micro Computing Cluster Formation for Fog Computing

Siqi Luo, Zhi Zhou, Xiang Chen and Weigang Wu

Paper 3: Full System Emulation of Embedded Heterogeneous Multicores Based on QEMU

I-Hua Chen, Chung-Ta King, Yao-Hua Chen and Juin-Ming Lu

Paper 4: On the Tradeoff between Data-privacy and Utility for Data Publishing

Wenjing Liao, Jianping He, Shanying Zhu, Cailian Chen and Xinping Guan

Short Talks for Poster Session Papers:

Short Talk session 1 (Chair: Cao Chu)

Paper 1. H-Scheduler: Storage-Aware Task Scheduling for Heterogeneous-Storage Spark Clusters

Fengfeng Pan, Jin Xiong, Yijie Shen, Tianshi Wang and Dejun Jiang

Paper 2. Mining Magnitude-Oblivious Periodical Patterns of Dockless Shared Bike Demands

Haonan Xu, Yanmin Zhu, Yanyan Shen and Linpeng Huang

Paper 3. TIMAO: Time-sensitive Mobile Advertisement Offloading with Performance Guarantee

Wanru Xu, Panlong Yang, Chaocan Xiang and Chang Tian

Paper 4. A MDP-Based Network Selection Scheme in 5G Ultra-Dense Network

Chao Tang, Xin Chen, Ying Chen and Zhuo Li

Paper 5. Intelligent Large-Scale AP Control with Remarkable Energy Saving in Campus WiFi System

Liang Fang, Guangtao Xue, Feng Lyu, Hao Sheng, Futai Zou and Minglu Li

Paper 6. Relaxed collision constraints based on interval superposition principle in a DMPC scheme

Tobias Sprodowski and Jürgen Pannek

Short Talk session 2 (Chair: Arvind Easwaran)

Paper 1. IDTable-The Self-Describing Representation for Relational Data in Resource-constraint Smart Objects

Wuming Luo and Jiliang Wang

Paper 2. ETRA: Efficient Three-Stage Resource Allocation Auction for Mobile Blockchain in Edge Computing

Chengpeng Xia, Hui Chen, Xuelian Liu and Jigang Wu

Paper 3. Modeling and Evaluation of Synchronous Stochastic Gradient Descent in Distributed Deep Learning on Multiple GPUs

Shaohuai Shi, Qiang Wang, Xiaowen Chu and Bo Li

Paper 4. Computation and Communication Scheduling Optimization for Distributed Deep Learning Systems

Ching-Yuan Tsai, Ching-Chi Lin, Pangfeng Liu and Jan-Jan Wu

Paper 5. OptCaching: A Stackelberg Game and Belief Propagation Based Caching Scheme for Joint Utility Optimization in Fog Computing

Kai Lei, Yingying Xie, Jian Shi, Haijun Zhang, Gong Zhang and Bo Bai

Paper 6. User Experience-Enhanced and Energy-Efficient Task Scheduling on Heterogeneous Multi-Core Mobile Systems

Yanting Huang, Weichen Liu, Mengquan Li, Peng Chen and Lei Yang

Short Talk session 3 (Chair: Kaishun Wu)

Paper 1. Design Issues of Novel Round Robin Scheduling Scheme to Improve Processing Performance in a 5G mmWave Network

Shin-Jer Yang and Hsin-Chung Chen

Paper 2. Leveraging User Heterogeneities to Maximize Profits in the Cloud

Guo Xu, Tongquan Wei, Junlong Zhou and Mingsong Chen

Paper 3. Model-based Proactive Read-validation in Transaction Processing Systems

Simone Economo, Emiliano Silvestri, Pierangelo Di Sanzo, Alessandro Pellegrini and Francesco Quaglia

Paper 4. Scalable Communication Endpoints for MPI+Threads Applications

Rohit Zambre, Aparna Chandramowlishwaran and Pavan Balaji

Paper 5. Energy-efficient Min-max Planning of Heterogeneous Tasks with Multiple UAVs

Lige Ding, Dong Zhao, Huadong Ma, Hao Wang and Liang Liu

Paper 6. Explorations of Data Swapping on Burst Buffer

Tianqi Xu, Kento Sato and Satoshi Matsuoka

BDPS Workshop Paper:

Session 1: Big Data Processing (10:30-12:10, December 12)

Paper 1. JCDTA: The Data Trading Architecture Design in JointCloud Computing
Xikun Yue, Huaimin Wang, Peichang Shi, Xiang Fu, Shilan Yang and Xue Ouyang

Paper 2. Eunomia: A Performance-Variation-Aware Fair Job Scheduler With Placement Constraints For Heterogeneous Datacenters
Wei Zhou, Preston White and Hongfeng Yu

Paper 3. An Overview on the Convergence of High Performance Computing and Big Data Processing
Songzhu Mei, Hongtao Guan and Qinglin Wang

Paper 4. The Case of a Novel Operational Distributed Storage Service for Big Data in a Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Foundry
Hung-Chang Hsiao

Session 2: When Big Data Processing Meets AI (14:00-15:40, December 12)

Paper 1. Modeling Application Performance in Docker Containers using Machine Learning Techniques
Kejiang Ye and Cheng-Zhong Xu

Paper 2. A Quick Survey on Large Scale Distributed Deep Learning Systems
Zhaoning Zhang, Lujia Yin, Yuxing Peng and Dongsheng Li

Paper 3. A Traffic Sign Text Detection System for Pratical Natural Scenes
Zhongrong Zuo and Pengtao Yang

Paper 4. Fine-grained Big Data Security Method Based on Zero Trust Model
Tao Yang, Lei Zhu and Ruxiang Xiang

BCTS Workshop Paper:

Blockchain Research Issues

Paper 1 (10:30-10:55). Optimal Fee Structure for Efficient Lightning Networks
Alvin Heng, Ling Feng, Siew Ann Cheong and Rick Siow Mong Goh

Paper 2 (10:55-11:20). MSig-BFT: A Witness-Based Consensus Algorithm for Private Blockchains
Chun-Wei Chen, Jian-Wei Su, Tung-Wei Kuo and Kung Chen

Paper 3 (11:20-11:45). A Survery of Consenus and Incentive Mechanism in Blockchain Derivatived from P2P
Zhaoyang Yu, Xiaoguang Liu and Gang Wang

Paper 4 (11:45-12:10). A Topological Model for the Blockchain
Giacomo Zanzottera, Pasqualina Fragneto and Beatrice Rossi

(12:10-13:00). AWS industry talk (TBC)
Best Paper award Presented By AWS.

Blockchain Applications

Paper 1 (14:00-14:25). EMRShare: A Cross-organizational Medical Data Sharing and Management Framework Using Permissioned Blockchain
Zhe Xiao, Zengxiang Li, Yong Liu, Ling Feng, Weiwen Zhang, Thanarit Lertwuthikarn and Rick Siow Mong Goh

Paper 2 (14:25-14:50). Blockchain and IoT Data Analytics for Fine-grained Transportation Insurance
Zengxiang Li, Zhe Xiao, Quanqing Xu, Ekanut Sotthiwat, Rick Siow Mong Goh and Xueping Liang

Paper 3 (14:50-15:15). Building an Ethereum and IPFS-based Decentralized Social Network System
Quanqing Xu, Zhiwen Song, Rick Siow Mong Goh and Yongjun Li

Paper 4 (15:15-15:40). Building an Ethereum-based Decentralized Smart Home System
Quanqing Xu, Zhaozheng He, Zengxiang Li and Mingzhong Xiao

DSC2T Workshop Paper:

Paper 1. Scalability analysis of cloud-based distributed simulations of IoT systems using HLA

Thomas Nägele and Jozef Hooman

Paper 2. Rebalance Modern Bike Sharing System: Spatio-Temporal Data Prediction and Path Planning for Multiple Carriers

Rongshen Qin, Linghe Kong, Minyi Guo, Bin Yao and Mohsen Guizani

Paper 3. Bus bunching identification using smart card data

Bo Du and Paul-Antonin Dublanche

13 December 2018 (Thursday)

Session 6A: Innovative Applications (Chair: Cao Chu)

Paper 1: Stop Unauthorized Access to Your Smart Devices

Yutong Liu, Linghe Kong, Yifeng Cao, Vahan Sarafian, Long Cheng and Guihai Chen

Paper 2: VPad: Virtual Writing Tablet for Laptops Leveraging Acoustic Signals

Li Lu, Jian Liu, Jiadi Yu, Yingying Chen, Yanmin Zhu, Xiangyu Xu and Minglu Li

Paper 3: SRVoice: A Robust Sparse Representation-based Liveness Detection System

Jiacheng Shang, Si Chen and Jie Wu

Paper 4: Oinput: a Bone-Conductive QWERT Keyboard Recognition for Wearable Device

Yongzhi Huang, Shaotian Cai, Lu Wang and Kaishun Wu

Paper 5: Online Drone-based Moving Target Detection System in Dense-Obstructer Environment

Qiuhong Wang, Jingjing Gu, Haitao Huang and Yanchao Zhao

Session 6B: Fault Tolerance (Chair: Quanqing Xu)

Paper 1: An Efficient Fault Tolerance Framework for Distributed In-memory Caching Systems

Shuaibing Zhao, Lu Shen, Yusen Li, Rebecca J. Stones, Gang Wang and Xiaoguang Liu

Paper 2: CoLoR: Co-Located Rescuers for Fault Tolerance in HPC Systems

Zaeem Hussain, Xiaolong Cui, Taieb Znati and Rami Melhem

Paper 3: Topology-aware Efficient Storage Scheme for Fault-tolerant Storage Systems in Data Centers

Junxu Xia, Jiangfan Li, Chendie Yao and Deke Guo

Paper 4: Reputation-based Byzantine Fault-Tolerance for Consortium Blockchain

Kai Lei, Qichao Zhang, Limei Xu and Zhuyun Qi

Paper 5: A Non-intrusive Multi-parameter Fault Diagnosis System for Industrial Machineries

Chengpei Tang, Shanqing Wang, Chancheng Zhou and Xiaolong Zheng

Session 6C: Security Matters (Chair: Jinsong Han)

Paper 1: Exploiting Code Diversity to Enhance Code Virtualization Protection

Chao Xue, Zhanyong Tang, Guixin Ye, Guanghui Li, Xiaoqing Gong, Wei Wang, Dingyi Fang and Zheng Wang

Paper 2: Towards Privacy-Preserving Malware Detection Systems for Android

Helei Cui, Yajin Zhou, Cong Wang, Qi Li and Kui Ren

Paper 3: DoS Mitigation Mechanism Based on Non-cooperative Repeated Game for SDN

Zhaoxin Li, Guowei Wu and Lin Yao

Paper 4: Improved Differential Fault Analysis on LED with Constraint Equations: Towards Reaching its Limit

Fan Zhang, Yiran Zhang, Xinjie Zhao, Shize Guo, Ziyuan Liang and Samiya Qureshi

Paper 5: Optimized Lightweight Hardware Trojan-based Fault Attack on DES

Fan Zhang, Yiran Zhang, Xinjie Zhao, Shize Guo, Ziyuan Liang, Samiya Qureshi and Congyuan Xu

Session 7A: Schemes and Policies (Chair: Jinlong E)

Paper 1: Effectiveness of Moldable and Malleable Scheduling in Deep Learning Tasks

Ikki Fujiwara, Masahiro Tanaka, Kenjiro Taura and Kentaro Torisawa

Paper 2: A Dynamic Load Balancing Scheme for Distributed Formal Concept Analysis

Shravan Patel, Umang Agarwal and Sriram Kailasam

Paper 3: ISAECC:An Improved Scheduling Approach for Energy Consumption Constrained Parallel Applications on Heterogeneous Distributed Systems

Ting Ye, Zhi-Jie Wang, Zhe Quan, Song Guo, Kenli Li and Keqin Li

Paper 4: Cost-Efficient and Latency-Aware Workflow Scheduling Policy for Container-based Systems

Weiwen Zhang, Yong Liu, Long Wang, Zengxiang Li and Rick Siow Mong Goh

Session 7B: Cloud Computing (Chair: Zengxiang Li)

Paper 1: A Light-weight and Quality-aware Online Adaptive Sampling Approach for Streaming Social Sensing in Cloud Computing

Yang Zhang, Daniel Yue Zhang, Nathan Vance, Qi Li and Dong Wang

Paper 2: Server Consolidation in Cloud Computing

Nikos Tziritas, Thanasis Loukopoulos, Maria Koziri, Saad Mustafa, Samee Khan, Cheng-Zhong Xu and Albert Zomaya

Paper 3: ENSC: Multi-Resource Hybrid Scaling for Elastic Network Service Chain in Clouds

Hui Yu, Jiahai Yang, Carol Fung, Raouf Boutaba and Yi Zhuang

Paper 4: How Does the Workload Look Like in Production Cloud? Analysis and Clustering of Workloads on Alibaba Cluster Trace

Wenyan Chen, Kejiang Ye, Yang Wang and Cheng-Zhong Xu

Session 8A: High Performance Computing (3) (Chair: Zengxiang Li)

Paper 1: CACH-Dedup:Content Aware Clustered and Hierarchical Deduplication

Girum Dagnaw, Zhou Ke and Hua Wang

Paper 2: Temperature and Power Aware Server Placement Optimization for Enterprise Data Center

Longchuan Yan, Dongxia Bai, Wantao Liu and Songlin Hu

Paper 3: On the Power of Combiner Optimizations in MapReduce over MPI Workflows

Tao Gao, Yanfei Guo, Boyu Zhang, Pietro Cicotti, Yutong Lu, Pavan Balaji and Michela Taufer

Paper 4: A Compiler Framework for Fixed-topology Non-deterministic Finite Automata on SIMD Platforms

Marziyeh Nourian, Hancheng Wu and Michela Becchi

Session 8B: Distributed Computing (Chair: Yuanqing Zheng)

Paper 1: Data Locality Exploitation in Cache Compression

Qi Zeng, Rakesh Jha, Shigang Chen and Jih-Kwon Peir

Paper 2: A Highly Scalable Finite-Difference Dynamical Core of Atmospheric General Circulation Model based on 3D Decomposition

Baodong Wu, Shigang Li, Hang Cao, Yunquan Zhang, He Zhang, Junmin Xiao and Minghua Zhang

Paper 3: A Self-Stabilizing Algorithm for Two Disjoint Minimal Dominating Sets with Safe Convergence

Sayaka Kamei and Hirotsugu Kakugawa